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Nairobi Girls Academy is a youth support community initiative founded in January 2007 with as its major mission to offer educational services to girls within the greater Kariobangi / Koogocho slums. The school is one of Agenda Africa’s biggest initiatives and is meant for youths from humble backgrounds, all of whom hail from disadvantaged families. Agenda Africa originated from the slums itself, and there we witnessed the massive rate at which girls from underprivileged families drop out of school, due to unfavourable learning environments, combined with the inability to afford better girls schools.

Our organisation carried out a survey and reliably found out that the conditions in the available mixed day school contributed to their drop out to some extent. Many girls have talents and potential that they shy to exploit in heterogeneous environment, where male chauvinism prevails and girls are not expected to attend schools.

Most girls involuntarily drop out of school due to family stigmatisation where the male siblings are given priority over the girls, when family resources are too limited to support all. Large number of families in this region are either directly or indirectly affected by the HIV/AIDS scourge and extreme poverty.

A combination of factors makes it difficult for girls to access secondary education in such an environment, where traditions and culture places their sorry state and interests secondary to those of the boys. Its for these reasons that Agenda Africa deemed it necessary to take the initiative of providing an enabling environment to girl child education. With the Nairobi Girls Academy we will allow girls to improve their early childhood development both mentally and physically for better generational continuity.

The above goes hand in hand with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals: MDG 2 and MDG 5. Education is the secret of invention, educate the girl that is future.



Nairobi Girls Academy…

  1. …provides the full Kenyan 8.4.4 syllabus education, and prepares students for “O” levels of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E);
  2. …offers extra-curricular activities such as sports, games, talent development, music, and many others;
  3. …provides sanitary towels to needy students who cannot afford them, in order to safeguard their performance and well-being;
  4. …has a lunch program for less fortunate students who come from far;
  5. …sponsors counseling and medical expenses for students, especially those with sexually transmitted infections;
  6. …maintains exchange programs with both recreational and educational sites / centres.


Number of students

Total number is 94, while processing numerous request for admission. This against 9 staff members, 5 of which are full time teachers.


You too can support NGA

  1. Any contributions to the lunch program in terms of cereals, cooking fat, cookeries, or any other kitchen ware;
  2. Donations to boost extra-curricular activities, such as sportswear, balls, netss, musical instruments, aid kits ,drumss, and any other theater paraphernalia;
  3. Donations to the school library such as text books, exercise books, calculators, mathematical sets, dissecting sets, and any other stationery;
  4. Come and volunteer for us as a teacher, social worker, or resource mobilizer.
  5. Visit ‘Help Out’ for more information…
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