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Santa Maria Orphanage is a project initiated by Agenda Africa in November 2007 in Kiambiu Slums, one of Nairobi most known slums. The slums have a population of over 200,000 inhabitants with poor sanitation, lack of accessible health facilities, schools, roads and police stations (without security) which makes them nomads between the estates. HIV/AIDS infection is in the increase with the number of orphans following closely. Poverty is extreme here since 50% of all people earn less than a dollar a day, while the rest earn no dollar at all. Of all the cases of HIV/AIDS, poverty is a major contributor.

One day in the year 2007 a baby boy was thrown in to one of the garbage sites during the early hours of the morning. He was rescued by one of our organisation officials going to work in the morning, and taken to the nearby medical clinic to establish his health safety. Since we wanted to know the mother we gave out the boy to one of the residents, so if the mother showed up she would have been given back her baby boy. We provided food, clothes and paid caretakers some allowances. Nobody claimed motherhood after a long period of waiting. We consulted with the area chief who informed us that such cases are very frequent In the area and many of the children end up homeless and orphans. We therefore carried a base line survey and during that period we saved 15 children who were living in the streets and the garbage sites. We were able to collect them as individuals and accommodate them in our homes. After one month we decided to establish a place because the number was increasing daily, with the area chief also making referrals to our drop center for vulnerable children. This day Santa Maria Orphanage was born. To date the number is increasing steadily. It has now been a tool to educate people on child rearing, campaign against child neglect, abuse, rape, drug abuse, etcetera.

Our Approach

A baseline survey was conducted by the organisation, which concluded evidence of serious terminal AIDS related complications, and existing problems among the community population. These were drug abuse and addiction, robbery and theft, and increased HIV infection. It was therefore necessary to float Santa Maria orphanage to assist in imparting the knowledge, skills and attitude meant to crusade against crime robbery with violence, poverty, deaths from curable diseases and HIV/AIDS scourge which is rendering many children orphans. The project also intends to work towards empowering the poor through poverty reduction initiatives.

The magnitude of the effects is such that the project is designed to fit within the children’s right framework in literacy and practices. Children have participatory right as equal partners to adults in community based development programmes. These programmes aim to build the capacity of local communities that seek to define and address the needs and implement correct policies that affects behaviour reformation and behaviour change in all members of the community, children included. The project seeks to solve those problems by addressing it through various means namely; conducting community counseling education awareness workshops on child abuse and neglect, education, general health, HIV/AIDS and communal participation in child life and welfare. It also seeks to promote anti poverty initiatives and create necessary skills in trades such us carpentry, wood carving, sewing and knitting with the aim of providing self employment. The project also intends to support work, informal education and youth participatory group training programs, which directly affects the orphans and is development in nature with long term benefits or in emergencies, provides short term relief and rehabilitation to the affected members of the community and responds to particular problems and needs of the local community.

Target Group

Current Activities


You Can Help:

You are always welcome to visit the orphanage. Please contact us for details.

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