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“Sending a ray of hope to women in Gem”

Our Mission: “Empowering women to meet the goal post”

Tembereshia Women Initiative is a socio-economic empowerment tool for women (Tembereshia means to handle with great care), tailored to meet their basic needs in the remote villages of Gem Constituency located in Western Kenya, over 450 miles from Nairobi City and over 50 miles away from Kisumu City. It was founded by a group of poor desperate women; mothers living in extreme poverty and isolation. At the time it had 10 members. They started as a small group and would collect Kshs. 10/= from all members, later turned into revolving fund (loan) to boost their activities, aimed at helping them to meet the cost of living i.e. Shelter, school fees, food and clothing. After realizing that most of them had been abandoned by their youthful husbands, who would wander around the village in search of illicit brew (locally known as Chang’aa), avoiding stress of family responsibility. The Kshs. 10 collected would later be given out to one woman at a time. This system of group lending is traditionally known as merry-go-round (Nyoluoro in the local Luo language). As a source of income the women would visit farmers who are looking for people to plow their farms; a job known to belong to men using bulls and plows while women were expected to use only their hands. Leaving women with no time to rest and take care of their young children, this even jeopardized their reproductive health when a pregnant mother would do farming the whole day and on an empty stomach. The condition was so pathetic that is why Agenda Africa and these women decided that they must do something to help themselves by using what they have to get what they want. The initiative has gone well and since its establishment the project is now thriving at a membership of 120 women. A lot has been achieved:

  1. The project has purchased a sheep for 100 individual’s membership from the Kshs. 10/= collected so far, with the activity continuing to cover the remaining 20 women as of now;

  2. The project has empowered economically and registered 120 women;

  3. Women in the initiative have been able to improve their nutritional needs as a basic necessity;

  4. Members can now have access to a loan of up to Kshs. 200/= twice a year.

The project has limitations hindering its growth:

There are numerous limitations to full development, but our organization is looking for external funding to help address them.


  1. To assist every member of the project in acquiring decent housing.

  2. To raise a pool of fund to bail out members (as soft loans with low interest), activities.

  3. Economic empowerment through life skills training i.e. hand crafts, tailoring e.t.c..

  4. To encourage women secure formal employment.

  5. Improve the living conditions of members and that of their children.

  6. To sensitize/protect members on their human rights and dignity.

Target group/population and selection criteria:

  1. Women aged 55 and below; taking care of a child; denied by financial institutions for loan application by means of low financial credibility

  2. Women who are HIV positive and have no legitimate income.

  3. Abuse and sexually assaulted women without legitimate income.

  4. Women from poor backgrounds.

  5. Women abandoned, neglected or separated by their husbands.

  6. Women with deadly medical conditions and have been regarded as outcasts by their respective communities.

On-going Activities

  1. Membership of up to Kshs. 200.

  2. Sheep buying activities where every member is receiving a sheep from the group continuing with the new members.

  3. Membership recruitment within Gem District.

  4. Basic economic empowerment.

  5. Houses construction for members.

  6. Forming a group for non-members at a fee.

  7. Fund raising from members and other sources (i.e. donors, government foundations and individuals)

  8. HIV/AIDS training in prevention, care, treatment and management.

Please it is good to note that you can be part of this worthy initiatives by contributing towards any of the activities you can also visit the project to have a deeper insight.

The project is located in Western Kenya, Gem District, Yala Township location, ulumbi Village. Call our Head Office in advance for a site visit.

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